Starter for 10: the campaign for Scottish independence


In just under 100 days times we will make the most important political decision of our lives.

Should Scotland be an independent country?

I think this is really important & I hope that as many people as possible look closely at both sides before making up their mind.

Below I’ve chosen 10 favourite videos to provide different perspectives from the Yes side of the debate- from facts, to speeches, to comedy videos to stories.

There’s lots of amazing stuff that is worth checking out linked at the bottom. Lots of it is created by young people who’ve got involved for the first time, which is exciting for Scotland no matter what the result.


Generation Yes Campaigns For Independence

1) Introduction to the independence debate: democracy, prosperity, equality 

In this wee comedy video two actors compare the Yes vs No campaigns.

2) Ivan McKee, Owner of 5 manufacturing businesses, presents a 30 minute economics presentation.

Want more info on Scotland’s wealth? This is long but very useful!

3) Dennis Canavan, a Labour Politician in London & Edinburgh from 1974-2007, on why his experiences led him to support independence.

Dennis explains why independence is about creating a better Scotland, no matter what your own party or personal views are.

4) Pro-independence businesspeople explain why they support independence 

A variety of businesspeople explain why Scotland would be better off with control over its wealth, resources and decision making. 1000s of businesspeople are supporting independence.

Follow link:

5) 10 top myths about independence debunked

There’s 100s of articles answering questions about independence. This video does it while having a laugh.

6) Lesley Riddoch was against independence. She wanted more powers for Scotland. But then she changed her mind. In this lecture she explains why.

Lesley Riddoch is excellent because she understands that independence doesn’t solve Scotland’s problems – but it provides an opportunity to make things better.

7) Mirriem Brett, a student from Stirling, explains why independence is an opportunity for young people in Scotland.

Mirrem is one of hundreds of young people campaigning for a Yes vote because it gives Scotland the power to create a better society.

8) Cat Boyd, who campaigns to improve working conditions, explains passionately why Westminster politicians have failed Scotland.

Cat is part of RIC which has brought 1000s of people together – outside of official parties and the official campaign – to organise events for a more equal Scotland.

9) Bad Romance by Zara Gladman (A.K.A. Lady Alba)

What happens when independence, Scotland, and Lady Gaga collide? Lady Alba explains why she’s voting Naw.

10) Patrick Harvie, Co-chair of the Green Party in Scotland, explains why his party supports independence.

Independence isn’t about nationalism. It brings power closer to the people.

Further links to nice people:

Yes Scotland

Green Party

Scottish Socialist Party

Radical Independence

Labour for Independence

Women for Independence

National Collective

Generation Yes

Business for Scotland

Academics for Yes

Farming for Yes

Mums for change

Scots Asians for Yes


Wealthy Nation

Scottish Secular Society

Scottish Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

Wings Over Scotland

Bella Caledonia


Common Weal

Scottish Refugee Council

Lateral North

Engender Scotland

So Say Scotland

Scottish Global Forum

A National Council for Scotland

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UK war crimes in Iraq


On the same day as the news of David Cameron courting of Putin emerged, further revelations were released accusing the UK military and government of perpetrating war crimes in Iraq.
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Tabloid splash: Talking art cave is new Scottish celebrity

23017813A talking cave caused a twitter storm after emerging as a new Scottish landmark.

Yesterday the cocky cave received a splash in The Herald newspaper with its cavernous walls prominently featured. The piece revealed that the cave also has supporting structures, someone leaning against a pole and pictures of a man playing a tuba. This is believed to be the first cave of its kind in Leith.

Online commentators were shocked when the cave spoke on social media, saying ‘Hello world‘.

This has caused widespread speculation. Some claim that this statement was in reference to Beyonce’s up and coming visit to Scotland. Beyonce of course asked the question ‘Who run the world?‘ to which she answered ‘Girls’.

The cave remains non-gender specific, but is believed to be a fan of the American music star.

DJ Johnston-Smith compared the cave to batman’s secret layer. Batman was unavailable for comment.

It’s unclear what the cave will say next. However, a source close to the cave said “Yesterday it set up its own version of COBRA [UK crisis team] and I think it’s planning on taking over Leith one pub at a time.”

The cave has already amassed 146 followers on twitter on the handle @TheArtCave.

This makes the cave one of the most popular online talking caves in Scotland.

Michael Gray

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Interview with Sigmundur Davíð, Prime Minister of Iceland

Interview with Sigmundur Davíð, Prime Minister of Iceland by Michael Gray, National Collective.

Althing, Reykjavik, Iceland.
6th of June, 2013.

Arranged by Jóhannes Þór, Political Advisor to the Prime Minister

1) Do you think Scotland and Iceland have great opportunities to cooperate with each other?

“Without a doubt. My government is very focused on increasing regional cooperation. In addition to that I think Scotland & Iceland have a lot in common. We often feel a kinship. Icelanders are very keen on going to Scotland. We are to some extent related. Icelanders are partly Celtic. In many ways the nature is similar. We’d be very happy to see increased cooperation happen.”

2) What is your view on an independent Scotland?

“Icelanders have usually been very supportive of nations seeking independence. We have not taken a position when it comes to Scottish independence. We feel that the people of Scotland should do what is in their best interests. Whatever the will of the people is, that is something that we would support.”

3) In the event Scotland votes for independence would Iceland recognise Scotland as a nation and welcome Scotland into the world?

“If Scotland became independent through accepted legal measures we would of course recognise the country and welcome Scotland with a new, thriving relationship.”

4) Do you think that small is beautiful?

“Being such a small nation has certainly presented us with its challenges, but it has also given us advantages. We have a lot of land and resources. We have enough to maintain an independent state and welfare for all. If we govern wisely we should be able to provide for everyone.”

5) Presented with ‘Arguing For Independence’ by Stephen Maxwell and photographs.

6) Iceland is planning to set up a national oil fund. What do you think of this opportunity?

“It is in preparation for possible oil production. It is similar to the Norway example. It is in preparation so that the resources are not extracted in haste.”

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A Picture for 1000

A Picture for 1000

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The Death of Margaret Thatcher


Margaret Thatcher died today. Alongside Clement Attlee she was one of the two Prime Ministers who transformed the United Kingdom since the war. She was an extraordinary individual. New Labour, as she claimed, is perhaps her most enduring success.

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‘There’s Only Two Michael Grays!’

michael gray

Update: A recording of the interview is available ‘here’ from 6:00.

I had quite a Kafkaesque transformation tonight. Having returned from a beautiful week in the Scottish Highlands and a day at George Square protesting the Westminster bedroom tax, I became English footballer Michael Gray for the evening. He has 363 appearances for Sunderland and 3 England caps. I’ve only a few appearances for Castlehill Primary School in 2001, so it was quite a good promotion.

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Constitutional Revolution: The Story of Iceland


I am currently writing a dissertation on a Constitution for an Independent Scotland. Here is an extract based upon the ‘Icelandic Revolution’ of 2008-present.

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A Proud Day to be a University of Glasgow Student

glasgow uni size big

A year and a half ago the University of Glasgow was in turmoil. Continue reading

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