People of Scotland: 10 gift suggestions for my 23rd birthday

It’s my 23rd birthday tomorrow, so I’ve made a list of gift suggestions. You may notice a running theme.

1) I’d like to remove nuclear weapons from the Firth of Clyde, Scotland and preferably Britain.

2) I’d like to spend the money saved on those weapons on public services.

3) I’d like Scotland to get the government the people of Scotland vote for.

4) I’d like that government to create a progressive tax system.

5) I’d like the social security system to support people who need support.

6) I’d like a living wage to support people who currently can’t afford food, rent and electricity.

7) I’d like a written constitution to reform our democracy and ensure our civil liberties.

8) I’d like asylum-seekers and refugees to have the right to work and be removed from detention and degradation.

9) I’d like to establish a national investment fund from offshore revenue to invest in renewable energy infrastructure.

10) I’d like a party on the 18th of September every year to celebrate the day Scotland voted for independence.

The Scottish & UK Governments have kindly set up polling booths across the country to help with delivery. (£0 P&P)

Thanks in advance.

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