Tabloid splash: Talking art cave is new Scottish celebrity

23017813A talking cave caused a twitter storm after emerging as a new Scottish landmark.

Yesterday the cocky cave received a splash in The Herald newspaper with its cavernous walls prominently featured. The piece revealed that the cave also has supporting structures, someone leaning against a pole and pictures of a man playing a tuba. This is believed to be the first cave of its kind in Leith.

Online commentators were shocked when the cave spoke on social media, saying ‘Hello world‘.

This has caused widespread speculation. Some claim that this statement was in reference to Beyonce’s up and coming visit to Scotland. Beyonce of course asked the question ‘Who run the world?‘ to which she answered ‘Girls’.

The cave remains non-gender specific, but is believed to be a fan of the American music star.

DJ Johnston-Smith compared the cave to batman’s secret layer. Batman was unavailable for comment.

It’s unclear what the cave will say next. However, a source close to the cave said “Yesterday it set up its own version of COBRA [UK crisis team] and I think it’s planning on taking over Leith one pub at a time.”

The cave has already amassed 146 followers on twitter on the handle @TheArtCave.

This makes the cave one of the most popular online talking caves in Scotland.

Michael Gray

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